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Marble Surface


My hubby and I live within a beautiful state park in Ohio. Our farmhouse themed home is truly a gift from the Lord. Within its 4 walls, we share many family memories with our grown children and grandchildren. I'm a simple woman. It doesn't take much to make my heart happy. Give me a cup of coffee, a good book, and let me curl up on my porch swing, and I'm content. The solitude is where I re-energize and receive my biggest revelations from the Lord. 

My passion in this world is to see women set free and operating in their full potential and God-given destiny. This drive is so much a part of my purpose, that at any given time, I can drop tears just thinking about it. The Lord has truly called me to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. 

I am no stranger to heartache and difficult seasons. My life is full of disappointments, betrayals, and rejection. But God...

I can honestly look back now and say, "Thank you God!" You see, if it were not for the hard stuff, I wouldn't have found His absolute faithfulness to me. If it were not for the seasons of want, I would have never known He could provide. If it were not for the years of pain, I would have never known Him as my healer. Yes, He has proven Himself faithful every step of the way. And I have learned that at the core of my deepest pains, He was actually equipping me for the heart of my ministry. 

My story is not yet done. The rest of my days are dedicated to you and those that God puts in front of me. Through my 2-fold ministry of helping people grow deeper and higher, I challenge and support women as they learn the gospel and deepen their relationship with the Trinity.

So grab a cup of coffee, take a look around my website, and take advantage of the many free resources I offer. May you be blessed of the Lord.

Much Love,


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